In Today’s Information age, everyone dreams to become an Entrepreneur and be their own boss. Past decades show tens of thousands of real success stories of first-generation entrepreneurs who have joined the millionaire and billionaire club as well. world wide web contains as much inspiration and information as required for anyone to step out and venture the new age aspiration to be an Entrepreneur.

With due regards and great respect to all successful entrepreneurs, this article is written to understand the core characteristics of an Entrepreneur and what it takes to be a successful  Entrepreneur.

When we search the word “Entrepreneur” in google, we hit the first result as follows; This word has two origins, one from English “Enterprise” and second from French “Entreprende”, meaning   “undertake”. It came into existence from early 19th century and has become the success mantra in today’s information age. In today’s context if someone wants to become a self-made first generation millionaire, then it is subjective that he has to be an entrepreneur.

When we examine the primary and core objective of the word “Entrepreneur”, we can understand the core characteristics attributed to a person who can be acknowledged as an entrepreneur.

Primarily the word entrepreneur denotes “an undertaking” or “a project of complex nature” or “a business” or “company”. Which means an entrepreneur is one who undertakes complete responsibility for managing an activity through formal agreement with interested stakeholders to lead that undertaking to his fullest capability.

So be it a project to be managed within a corporate company as an employee or start up an independent enterprise as a business owner, the core primary characteristic is

The Attitude of Undertaking Complete Responsibility“: No matter what happens, take complete credit of all failures and success throughout the journey and blame none including the external factors unforeseen.

Secondary characteristics are an extension of the core trait, which are as follows in no particular order:

  1. Action based Creative Thinking.
  2. Believes strongly in self and supreme.
  3. Consistent, Enthusiastic and Result oriented.
  4. Creates Opportunities and open minded to grab any.
  5. Die-hard Passion towards the committed goal.
  6. Driven by Sense of urgency.
  7. Engaging with common sense and simplicity.
  8. Focus with clarity of vision and direction towards the goal.
  9. Filled with Courage to face Challenges and Risks.
  10. Goal oriented.
  11. Labouring Under Correct Knowledge(LUCK).
  12. Pro-active leader.
  13. Persistence until completion of undertaken task.
  14. Self-affirmation to be a Provider and Giver.
  15. Trustworthy and Honest.

In addition to the above there are many more tertiary characteristics which are further derived for the above mentioned secondary characteristics. Let’s analyse in detail, each characteristic in the upcoming blog posts and imbibe all of the above and shape ourselves as a successful entrepreneur which is the need of the hour, be it in the role of an employee or self-employed or business owner.