Author: Kumar Nathan

6 Important Investment decisions to make, when you are in 30’s

When someone asks, “What are your lifetime dreams?” Everyone respond as, “worry free retirement life”, “Kid’s education and marriage”, “dream home”, “secure financial future” etc., Normally, at the age of 30’s, majority people will be married and will have kids at age bracket 3 to 5. In general, working population will be Middle-level managers or Team leads in their professional career in mid 30’s. During this period, many will be earning their expected 6 figure salary and leading a comfortable life. But are you making the right financial decisions to achieve your dreams on time? Are you doing enough savings, investment...

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Are you taking enough care about your wallet

Does this question sound crazy? Last week of every month, do you realize your wallet is slim and you are managing expenses thro’ credit card or other means to patch up. Do you know, why this is happening? Whether you have just started your career or hold the top most senior position in your profession or run your own business, Are you taking enough care of yourself and your beloved ones? Basic idea for everyone, when comes to managing money, is to make a plan for all the expenses first and save the rest. After all expenses, Is there anything...

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