Every New Year eve marks a new beginning of time in your life, which is more promising than before. As a regular custom, you take New Year resolutions without fail. But did you follow them in the past? No issues, if you missed last year. Let’s take Seven resolutions in 2016 to achieve personal success and implement a simple system to follow the resolutions without fail to achieve personal success.

7 Resolutions in 2016 to Achieve Personal Success:

1) I Learn more to earn more – Monday:

Yes! You got it right. 7 resolutions @ 1 per day of every week and it becomes a habit for life. To start with, on every Monday commit yourself to learn more in your chosen field of profession or business. Register with an online learning website like Lynda.com, skillshare.com, coursera.org and learn additional technical stuff which will increase your knowledge and expertise. Courses like Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, and Project Management Professional carry accredited certifications which add value to your Curriculum Vitae for sure. Every Monday, make it a habit, to spend an hour or more on learning more. This will definitely increase your chances on getting promoted and double your income within 8 months of continuous learning on one day every week. Say again and again,“Monday is my Learning day”.

2) I Give more to get more – Tuesday:

Every Tuesday commit yourself to give more to others without expecting anything in return, by all means. Let it be our beloved, kin, colleague, servant, or neighbor. Be it a simple smile or a happy morning wish or a comforting talk to an elderly. It would be more meaningful and priceless if you teach a poor kid and help them achieve their potential. Let every Tuesday be your giving day. Offer free community services and help the poor and needy. The more you give, the more you get! Repeat the words daily, “Tuesday is my Giving day”.

3) I understand myself more to know more about others – Wednesday:

Every Wednesday commit yourself to understand more about your own self. Introspection is the starting step in success journey. Ultimate salvation taught by all theologies is “self-realization”. To connect with full heart and soul with others, first you must connect to your own self. To know and understand self, one must spend time alone in complete isolation without any distractions. Let every Wednesday be your self-realization day. Speak to your own soul in isolation through mediation and self-talk. Learn the skills to self-talk through yoga and meditation classes with help of a trainer to achieve full result. Memorize the words “Wednesday is my self-realization day”.

4) I stay more healthy to accomplish more – Thursday:

Every Thursday commit yourself to be more healthy and fit. “Health is wealth”. Yes that’s 100% true. Ask this question to someone who is ill and sick due to long ailments to know the value of good health and longevity. In today’s sedentary work-life style, staying healthy is the key to achieving more. Success needs a strong foundation and healthy body is the foundation. A strong mind combined with a healthy fit body gives more power and energy to win. Daily exercise is a must, but adding fun to fitness is long-lasting. Let every Thursday be your playing day. Choose your favorite sport, be it badminton, cricket, swimming, volley ball or anything you love the most. Take membership in sports club and get trained by professional coach to learn the skills. Then play the sport every Thursday. Repeat in your mind over and over again, “Thursday is my Healthy day”.

5) I relax more to perform more – Friday :

Every Friday commit yourself to relax and refresh. “All work, No Play?”, What’s the use in working hard, earning and accomplishing more, if not relaxed and refreshed with friends. Let weekend fever take over your weeklong stress. Friends are the best stress busters and energy boosters. They refresh, re-energize and motivate you to get back with full vigor. So make it a habit to spend Fridays with friends and have a bash. Let’s LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT face to face once in a week, in addition to daily Facebook updates. You need not memorize this! It comes automatically “Friday is my Fun filled day”

6) I never let my passion die – Saturday:

Every Saturday commit yourself to give life to your passion. Is your passion and profession same? Only few will say yes to that question. Passion starts from your childhood days. Don’t let the child within you die! Your inspiration and admiration upon your parent’s hobby, grand parent’s hobby, your favorite role model’s achievement, turns into your passion. Gardening, Insects, Nature, Wildlife, Drawing, Painting, Photography, Music, Writing, Dancing are some examples to mention. Your profession earns your bread, but your passion earns satisfaction which adds meaning to your life. Come what may, let every Saturday be your day to build your passion and grow within stronger. Associate with such communities like art clubs, photographic association and weekend workshops to motivate your passion remain active. Repeat it to yourself multiple times, “Saturday is my passionate day”

7) I live for my family – Sunday:

Every Sunday commit yourself to dedicate the whole day with your family. After all success and achievement, your final hide out is your home. A house becomes home only after a family moves in. So your home can be sweet home, only by your care and affection upon your loved ones. Let Sunday be your day with your family without any other distraction. Give them your 100% quality day by having food together, watching movie together and have family shopping or outing. Remember “Kid’s get influenced by our actions as examples rather than our words and advice”. With love surrounding you, anything is achievable! Remember it again and again “Sunday is my Family day”

To summarise all resolutions mapped to everyday of the week and motivate you continuously, take a print out of the below table and stick it on your daily mirror. By looking at this piece of paper everyday on the mirror, it will remind your resolutions (goals) and stay on track until it becomes your life habits.

Daily Resolution Action Table
Day of the week
New Year 2016 resolution (Goals)
Monday Learn day
Tuesday Give day
Wednesday Self-realize day
Thursday Health day
Friday Fun day
Saturday Passion day
Sunday Family day


-Johnson Ashok Kumar